Selling Your Property

A property sells based on two main components: marketing and price. Period. Only marketing is under the Seller’s control. No matter what you hear, the market sets the final priceā€¦ NOT the Seller, NOT their agents, and definitely NOT If a property is overpriced, no amount of marketing in the world will sell it. When the Mark Murphy Real Estate Team lists a property, we will initially set a market driven price. We do not agree to list homes for Sellers who are not realistic about the value of their home. After we agree on a price, we promise the homeowner a very detailed 44 point marketing plan using every effective method we know of to make sure every possible Buyer knows your home is for sale, and everything great about it!

We do not pursue multiple listings. Don’t get us wrong, we will always assist our current and past clients and their referrals, but we feel strongly about giving our Seller’s 100% of the time they need with us and focused effort toward obtaining the best price, in the shortest time. There’s a point where you can not honestly make that promise to a Seller if you have multiple listings, especially comparable ones.

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